Saturday, September 1, 2012

Click on the yellow banner above and you will be re-directed to the main website...Once there, look on the left-side of the website and click on "new users" colored in red, then register.

How do you play for real Cash Money?

1)First, I would like to advise you to play a few games for free just to get familiar with the game platforms and then, once you are ready to play for money, just click where it says "buy ticket" on the left-side bar of the website..see below for picture...I circled it in red below

2)To play for real money, you need to buy "tickets"..1 ticket = $1....The lowest amount of ticket you can buy is 2 which cost $2.99..You can pay with paypal or any type of credit/debit/prepaid card

3) Once you have your tickets, you are set to play for real money...Keep in mind that 1Ticket = $1.
Now, all you need is to seek an opponent to play against..After you pick which game you would like to play(ei: dominoes,spades etc), just click on the "main hall" and a new window shall pop up with all the players and table..Look on the down-left and you should see the list of all players...Everyone in blue are "ticket-players" which means you can play against them for tickets.

The way it works is, you can set the table on how much "tickets" want to bid...If you want to play for $1(1ticket), and you win the match, then you will receive your opponent 1ticket that he also had to put on the table....Below is the picture of the game room with 'ticket players' in blue.
4)On the picture below is what a game-table looks like where you have the option to set the amount of tickets the match will be played for...I have circled where it states the amount of ticket the game will be played for + my current balance which stands at 10Tickets....Keep in mind that I can choose to cash-out those 10tickets into my paypal account as $10.

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